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Sunday, June 28, 2015 11:00 to 3:00 P.M.

305 Main Street in Grand Junction, CO (Upstairs)

$55 paid in advance and $60 at the door

 A Belly Dance Workshop
Suzanna Del Vecchio

Suzanna will present a slow dance/motion choreography to a beautiful piece of music called Kundalini Fuel by Adham Shaikh from the CD “Tribal Matrix II”. (We will use only part of this very long piece).
There is a special quality of lightness that comes from being and moving in the present moment. It requires a special awareness of how you are moving through space. This choreography by Suzanna was intended to encourage this state of lightness and awareness.  It was choreographed for a group performance but can be performed solo or used as a dance practice to cultivate awareness through movement. It will include floor work but Suzanna will give suggestions for standing combinations to those who cannot drop to the floor.

Suzanna has been involved in Oriental dance for over 30 years traveling internationally to teach and perform. She produced 3 successful instructional dance videos and 2 performance videos and presented an annual dance retreat in the Rocky mountains for 26 years. Suzanna also ran a dance studio in Denver for many years and has recently moved to GJ. She continues to travel monthly to Denver to teach, and presents workshops, coaching and private classes in Grand Junction.

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  Email Suzanna at or call: 970-245-1311 or 303-399-2622  

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